An Unforgettable Evening
By:  Jammie S. Foster
© Copyright 2000
          Throughout my life there have been many who influenced me yet there was only one that I idolized.  Late on the evening of April 30, 2000 possibly May 1, 2000 something I never thought; much less dare dreamt of, would occur did.  Those of you who are reading this most likely have read the story I wrote a bit over a month ago, if you have yet to read it please do so before proceeding.
          The eve of April 30, 2000 arrived.  The seats were actually pretty good.  The concert was amazing!  The rose I took for Rachel even reached him. That was the greatest feeling in the world to me, at the time, just knowing the rose to let him know he was supported had been passed along filled me with a feeling in which I do not know how to begin to put into words.  Everything I went through to be able to attend was worth it.  The best was still to come though.
          After the show we were waiting for the crowd to thin out before heading home.  So, we joined the few who had remained that were over looking the doors that Kiss would exit from.  So, there I am standing thinking the night couldn't get any better.  When who should come out the doors, Rachel Bolan himself. 
          During the show I did manage to see that Rachel still had the passion but a part of me was afraid the rumors circulating the Internet, that he was a jerk, were true.  I had no way of knowing though.  Since I speak my mind most of the time these days I had nothing really to lose.  So, I literally ran over to the other side of the ramp.  Peered down, saw Rachel below, and had the nerve to scream, "Rachel" with everything I had in me.  Okay let me set the record straight after cheering 7 years and managing a team for 3 years I have a set of lungs on me.  He looked up and said, "Yeah?"  Had the rumors been true that would not have happened.  I then asked if I could take his picture and he said, "Sure."  Then I do not even know what got into me.  Here I had disrespected my idol by screaming at him then I had the nerve to ask, "Can I come down there and take it?"  He was so cool about it, actually said, "Yeah." 
          I headed for the area to where the buses were parked.  There I ran into a small dilemma, called Security.  After Kiss left, maybe 5 minutes time had elapsed, security did as well.  Rachel was nowhere in sight.  Did I give up though like any normal person would?  Not a chance.  I walked down to the tour bus and a member of the road crew asked if he could help me.  I explained the situation with Security not allowing me down and he was kind enough to go check and see if Rachel was on the bus.  It's rare I have luck much less this kind so I figured he had already left but hey I had given it my best shot. 
          The door opened and there I was standing face to face with my idol.  He said, "I had wondered what happened to you."  I then explained to him about security.  I actually looked at him and told him that he is my idol. Regardless, he was gracious enough to pose for a picture with me.  The nice man who got him for me took the picture.  At that point I was actually thinking to myself, "Jammie pinch yourself girl you are dreaming."  We said our good-byes and I thanked him.  He was very nice and just the way I had always thought he would be.  I didn't want to take up too much of his time; after all he had performed in my opinion the best he ever has just a few hours earlier.  I had a message to give him from a new friend who had thought I would meet Rachel someday.  That friend is none other than Rob Affuso, the former drummer, now with SoulSystem.  I had promised Rob that if I were to ever meet Rachel I would say hi for him.  I did that and Rachel sent said to say hey for him and asked how Rob was.  I mentioned the story but silly me had left it in the car, go figure.  We said our good-byes and I thanked him.  I'm estimating all of this was within a 10-minute period of time. 
          So, I met back up with Mom and told her and she didn't believe me.  She said I was too calm.  I was pretty calm actually.  It was a relief to finally let him know that he was my idol.  Then she had a suggestion, I don't think she thought I would go through with it, that if the bus was still there on the way out I should grab my story and take it back down to him.  The bus was there so I grabbed the story along with a copy of Metal Edge that has Skid Row in it, and a pen and headed toward the bus. 
          I knocked on the door a couple of times before anyone came out.  Who should answer the door but Scotti Hill.  The whole band both new members and old ones have had some type of impact on my life.  I thanked him for the guitar pick I had caught earlier and for a great show.  I explained about speaking with Rachel and the story.  I asked for an autograph, had my pen on me this time but not my camera.  Scotti gave me his and had the rest of the band sign the magazine as well.  Then I had the nerve to ask him if I could steal a hug from him before I left.  I'm big on hugs; perhaps it has to do with having such a close, extended, large family.  He was kind enough to oblige. 
          Then I headed back to the car and we headed back up the road.  I could have spoken with Charlie Mills and Johnny Solinger if I had wanted to but they looked exhausted so I didn't want to bother them.  I hope that I didn't bother Rachel or Scotti either. 
          Now on the quotes I am sorry to say that I am not 100% sure of the exact words.  I have slept since then, but if they aren't the exact words they are very close to it.  I would have written this update sooner but I was using a loaner computer since I was awaiting a new hard drive for this one.  It arrived Monday and I have been getting everything operational again as fast as possible. 

Now, before closing this story I believe I have some thanks to give to a few people.
Family:     Mom, thanks for taking me to the show without you I would have never had the chance to                     meet my idol.  I love you!
               April, cousin biologically sister in my heart since we are so close in age, thanks for going and
                    for not hating me for busting your ear drums.
Friends:    Heath, Jay, and Mr. & Mrs. Black for your support with my writing.
                     Rob, for being such a great guy and thinking it possible I'd meet Rachel when I didn't.
Now that takes care of most of the thank yous.  There are still a few left though. 
          Charlie Mills, Johnny Solinger, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill, & Snake Sabo for the autographs.
          The gentleman from the road crew for being kind enough to get Rachel as well as taking the picture.  I've not had the film developed yet but if everything goes ok and it turns out I'll be putting the picture up.
          Whoever was kind enough to deliver the rose to Johnny and the other to Rachel.
Scotti Hill, for getting the autographs for me, passing the story along, talking with me, the guitar pick, and the hug.
          Rachel Bolan, for everything you have done over the years.  I couldn't even begin to list everything.  A huge thank you though to you and your loved ones for not letting the passion fade.  I honestly don't know what I would have done if it had been missing from your eyes. 

          Last but certainly not least each of you reading this for helping make my dream come true.  Thank you for helping me thank Rachel.  I plan on leaving the stories up indefinitely for everyone out there with a dream, a passion, and certainly an idol. 

                                                                                                                                           With love & hugs,
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